Open Sky Energy is a full-service solar energy company focusing on design and installation of solar energy systems for the residential and commercial markets.

PV: Electricity From The Sun

Photovoltaic (PV) panels produce electricity from the sunshine, allowing you to offset your own electrical usage or even sell back power to the power company. This is a consistent power source that doesn’t depend on fuel or delivery costs, something you can count on to stay at the same level compared to rapidly rising costs of electricity from any other source. The inverter connects to your house’s electrical system and then to the public electrical grid. It produces electricity only when the sun is shining, and requires very little maintenance since there are no moving parts. Batteries can be added to any system for backup power.


Typically panels are mounted on your roof and the inverter is installed near your electrical service panel. However this will depend upon the configuration of your home, your available roof space, and how large a system you would like to install.

Power Production

As a rough estimate, you can assume your system will produce 1000 kWh for each 1kW of system size, over the course of one year.

Repairs and Maintenance

If you have a system that is not working properly, call us to evaluate the issue and provide you with the answers to get your system producing again.


Pricing will be based on the time and materials required to rectify the situation.

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